Q&A with Gustavo Vinagre

Filmed in a single all-night session, the latest from Gustavo Vinagre (Nova Dubai, Art of the Real 2015) is an extended interview with his friend and collaborator Julia Katharine, a Japanese-Brazilian trans actress-filmmaker whose insomnia keeps her awake long enough to candidly spill stories of her childhood, family, romances, desires, self-destructive impulses, and—above all—love of cinema. Vinagre invests himself in Julia’s tales as a quiet but attentive insider as she speaks at length of her insecurities, her desire to divulge honestly and still engage her audience, and the various films that have shaped her identity, from Terms of Endearment to The Birds to Querelle. A deeply personal and immediate confessional that will readily call to mind Shirley Clarke’s Portrait of Jason and Jean Eustache’s Numéro zéro, I Remember the Crows observes a psychological fulfillment from its subject and director inconceivable in any other time and place. U.S. Premiere

Special thanks to our community partner, the Consulate General of Brazil in New York.