New York Premiere! Director Renaud Cohen in person at both screenings!

This delightfully self-referential satire stars actor-director Renaud Cohen as Simon, a director who hasn’t made a film in 10 years and has begun attending a support group for ex-filmmakers struggling to kick their addiction to film. When he shaves his head on a bet and discovers a cranial lump that may or may not be the beginning of the end, he leaps into production—and existential crisis—to make the only film he knows how: the one about the life he is living. Charming and self-effacing, the film turns angst into whimsy and humor in the best French tradition.

Screening With:
Michal Lavi | 2012 | Canada | 7m
Based on a short story by the acclaimed Israeli writer Etgar Keret, Glue is a romantic modern fairytale that packs heavy doses of love, betrayal, and fantasy into a 7-minute story about a husband in need of awakening and his adventurous wife.