This bold and thoroughly original feature debut set on the outer fringes of society uses an abstract, circular, and fascinatingly cryptic form of storytelling to sway between fantasy and reality, sincerity and lies. When troubled teenager So-hyun (Coin Locker Girl’s Lee Min-ji) finds out her close friend Jong-ho left her, she despondently returns to the motel where they used to stay. There, she meets a transgender woman named Jane (Gu Gyo-hwan), who brings her to a makeshift family of adolescent misfits. After being taken under Jane’s wing, So-hyun looks for Jong-ho. Lee Min-ji’s beautifully layered performance lends mournful heft to the film, while Gu Gyo-hwan shines as Jane, who hints at roiling secrets that no one—not even this film—can plumb. Q&A with director Cho Hyun-hoon, actors Lee Min-ji & Gu Gyo-hwan.

Presented with the support of Korean Cultural Center New York