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Two of French cinema’s great mavericks. Twenty-five years after it first aired, Labarthe went back to re-work his film on Melville. Shot while he was preparing Un Flic, Melville carefully leads Labarthe through the trajectory of his career, from his daring debut The Silence of the Sea to his great successes of the 1960s, Le Samourai and Le cercle rouge. Labarthe also details the development of the Melville “myth: the dark glasses, the trenchcoats, the Ford Mustang, and his general tough-guy demeanor. (52m)

Screening with:
Catherine Breillat: The First Time / Catherine Breillat, la première fois
Luc Moullet | 2011 | France | 52m

One of the most recent films in the series is Luc Moullet’s surprisingly tender look at Catherine Breillat, whose powerful explorations of female sexuality continue to divide audiences while they also gain admirers. Extraordinarily articulate, Breillat offers her own thoughts on the reactions to her films.