Q&As with Oren Rudavsky on January 10

Joseph Pulitzer began as a penniless Jewish immigrant from Hungary and grew into one of America’s most admired and feared media figures. His New York newspaper The World spoke to an unprecedented number of readers and maintained powerful journalistic and artistic ideals through its ascent. In 1908, in a notable parallel to contemporary debates, for example, Teddy Roosevelt accused an elderly Pulitzer of libel for a piece that harshly criticized the Panama Canal, threatening imprisonment and sending his reputation reeling. This revelatory documentary tells the story of the man behind the prize, who spoke of “fake news” and the importance of freedom of the press over a century ago. Narrated by Adam Driver, with the voice of Pulitzer performed by Liev Schreiber. New York Premiere

Presented in conjunction with the free talk Pulitzer’s World: The Role of the Media in a Fake News Universe on January 13.