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Alexandru Solomon’s incisive documentary takes a look at Romanian capitalism and the new ruling class, uncovering its roots in the Communist past. Using a clever device, with the director inviting former dictator Ceauşescu to revisit his country 20 years after he was executed, the film follows seven people who played their role in the old system and are now active as top businessmen. Ceauşescu would be thrilled to discover that, despite the political changes, the main “players” and their values stayed the same. It’s certainly disconcerting to witness the almost vulgar willingness of the protagonists to expose themselves (one fearlessly says: “You won’t be successful unless you steal”). In spite of its ironic approach and playful style (spiced up with humorous Lego animation), Solomon’s film is a frightening account of Romanian reality that works as the Wild East’s twin of Michael Moore’s Capitalism: A Love Story.