Q&A on July 14 with Lee Won-suk & Lee Sun-kyun. Add Night Market access with your ticket purchase to attend our annual Opening Night Market Soirée, featuring live music and Asian food stalls serving scrumptious delights.

Q&A on July 30 with Lee Won-suk, Gong Myoung, Lee Hanee & Lee Sun-kyun

This year’s opening film, Killing Romance is a camera-drunk comic fantasia about a former superstar actress, Hwang Yeo-Rae (Lee Ha-Nee), trapped in a toxic marriage with egomaniacal, obscenely wealthy tycoon Jonathan Na (Lee Sun-Kyun), who wooed her while on vacation on a South Pacific island. Teaming up with her young fanboy neighbor Kim Beom-Woo (Gong Myoung), they hatch a plan to break her free from her gilded cage. From there on, alternatively horrific and hilarious episodes unfold as the two devise an ill-advised plot to kill Jonathan and reclaim Yeo-Rae’s freedom and stardom. Helmed with an adroit hand by Korean comedy’s enfant terrible, Lee Won-suk (a NYAFF regular), the film rounds up unforgettable performances that power up an electroshock of a tale, dancing between a love story, a musical, a murder plot, and a million things in between. This is peak Korean movie inventiveness.