A down-on-his-luck director finally gets the chance to shoot his dream project, a remake of his favorite childhood wuxia story. By chance, he meets the actor who played its hero on TV and hires him as its star. The ragtag production team faces logistical, financial, and personal obstacles and the future of the production looks uncertain; however, like the film’s characters, they are driven to prevail in the face of increasingly difficult odds. This deliciously metatextual ode to Hong Kong’s most magical film genre features the legendary real-life action star Chen Kuan Tai (Boxer from Shantung, Killer Constable) as the elder statesman actor, one of many clever touches in a sublimely moving drama about the creative spirit. Legendary in Action! is not only an homage to Hong Kong cinema, but also a booster shot in the arm of the industry.

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