U.S. Premiere

Q&A with director Bruno Dumont

And now for something completely different… an epic farce from Bruno Dumont! An update of his 1999 Cannes Grand Prix winner L’humanité as a four-part miniseries, this absurdist metaphysical murder mystery prompts inevitable comparisons to Twin Peaks and True Detective. In its own right, Li’l Quinquin—which begins with the discovery of human body parts stuffed inside a cow, a literal bête humaine—serves to recast the director’s moral and theological obsessions in a tender, tragicomic register. Featuring Bernard Pruvost as the Clouseau-like detective on the case and charismatic young Alane Delhaye as the title prankster, Li’l Quinquin is proof that even an auteur like Dumont, best known for uncompromising and austere dramas, is capable of shifting gears without conceding his signature. A Kino Lorber release.

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