North American premiere!

In the fall of 2010, Bozon and co-conspirator Pascale Bodet commandeered the first floor of Paris’s famed Centre Pompidou for 10 days of screenings, lectures and performances that amounted to a counter-canonical history of French cinema. During the ensuing merriment (entitled Beaubourg, la dernière Major!) audience members were invited to observe the daily making of this film, directed by Bozon and written by Axelle Ropert, about an inexperienced young journalist (Laure Marsac) sent to the Pompidou to interview a maverick artistic impresario (Thomas Chabrol). The result is an unexpected love story that is also a record of this landmark exhibition, featuring cameos by Raul Ruiz, Paul Vecchiali, Luc Moullet and more!


Clarisse’s neck / Le Cou de Clarisse
Benjamin Esdraffo, 2003, France, 35mm; 40m

Bozon’s assistant director Benjamin Esdraffo makes an accomplished directorial debut with the delightful comedy about a studious hotel clerk (Axelle Ropert), her moody, marriage-obsessed boyfriend (Bozon) and the mysterious “writer-astronomer” whose arrival at the hotel forever alters their fate. Intro by Benjamin Esdraffo!