Filmmaker in person!

Film is subtitled. An ASL interpreter will be present for the Q&A.

12-year-old Holly Loach is the daughter of two professional musicians. When she was 14 months old, she lost all of her hearing due to meningitis. But 10 years later she's winning prizes in piano competitions and baffling her family and doctors. One of Britain’s leading music and arts writers, Nick Coleman, woke up one morning to find that his right ear had stopped working, and listening to music was ruined for him.  20-year-old Emily Thornton was born profoundly deaf, but now she's in her final year of training as a professional dancer at one of Europe's top dance schools.

Documentary filmmaker Lindsey Dryden, an avid music-lover who is partially deaf, investigates more than sound in this finely tuned film. Her question is not simply what is it like not to hear, but what is our relationship to the particular sound that is music. She speaks to top neurologists while her subjects make extraordinary effort to have melody in their lives.