Q&A with Harold George

Previously scheduled to take place in our Amphitheater, this event will now take place in our Francesca Beale Theater (also within our Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center)

Examining the question of masculinity, this dance film zooms in on four individuals in the process of becoming men. As is expected, they proceed unquestioningly into manhood through various stages of their lives, adopting the clearly coded characteristics dictated by society. However, they’re oppressed by a feeling of unease in the very depths of their being, feeling uncertainty but also something else, harder to define…. Shot in the breathtaking landscape of Zimbabwe, Making Men features strong and rhythmical choreography but also special camerawork that intensifies emotions inspired by the movement. 

This special 60-min event will feature the New York premiere of the 24-minute film Making Men, followed by a special dance/movement illustration by Harold George, with Antoine Panier joining in post-discussions with Berette S Macaulay.

Co-presented with Black Cinema Collective