The director of Sombre, La Vie nouvelle, and Un lac returns with his latest investigation of extreme experience. English musician Lenz (Kristian Marr) searches for a woman named Madeleine who has mysteriously disappeared, but tumbles into an amour fou with troubled, self-destructive Hélène (French indie It-Girl Ariane Labed). Grieving the loss of her infant son, Hélène seeks oblivion in the murky subterranean world of a brutal sex ring, followed by Lenz. Also featuring Roxane Mesquida and Paul Hamy, this darkly erotic psychodrama with a stark, elliptical, hauntingly spectral narrative (co-written by Grand Central director Rebecca Zlotowski) continues Philippe Grandieux’s exploration of the body initiated with White Epilepsy in scenes of sensual abandon and raw carnality.