Free and open to the public!

Panelists: Adam Cassels (Audience Entertainment), Christian Nielsen (Vidzor), James George & Jonathan Minard (Clouds), moderated by Jennifer Begeal (JLB Hart Media)

An audience settles into a theater to take in the latest blockbuster. A family gathers in their living room to watch a movie. A traveler loses herself in her favorite show in an airport lounge. Despite the different places we can watch films, the experience remains relatively unchanged: we tune in, we sit back, and stories are told to us. This all may be about to change. Interactive music videos, in-theater immersive experiences, and virtual-reality systems present audiences with experiences that ask them to play an active part in telling the stories they consume. Are we approaching a time when filmmaking and game design will collide to create something new? Our panel of creators, filmmakers, and technologists will take a look at the state of this nascent art and explore what it could mean for filmmakers and audiences.