Gawky, food-obsessed high school girl Weixin (Moon Lee) inadvertently leads handsome BMOC Youquan (singer-songwriter Eric Chou) to think her beautiful best friend has a crush on him. He proceeds to bring breakfast to the false admirer every day for a year, and Weixin ends up eating it (with gleeful gusto) so as not to hurt his feelings. Meanwhile, the two begin to bond as he teaches her guitar and, unbeknownst to each other, start to become mutually infatuated. Their parallel paths to self-discovery are paved with more crossed signals than a 1970s sitcom as love-triangle misunderstandings intensify to a feverish pitch. Based on a true story first serialized online that resulted in a real-life marriage, this Taiwanese campus romance is as sweetly charming as it is deliciously hilarious.

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