New York Premieres!

Southwest Director Jordi Wijnalda, What Can I Wish You Before the Fight? Director Sofia Babluani, Everything Near Becomes Far Director Mauricio Arangof, and Stampede Director Cyril Schäublin in person at all screenings!

Peter Kerek | 2012 | Romania | 21m

As a mother seeks to improve life for her family, her son explores the cavernous rooms of a stranger’s house—perhaps costing the two of them a better future.

Jordi Wijnalda | 2013 | USA/Turkey | 16m

In southwest Turkey, a Dutch woman helps save the lives of illegal immigrants but is forced to confront the unattended needs of those who love her. World Premiere!

What Can I Wish You Before the Fight? / Que puis-je te souhaiter avant le combat?
Sofia Babluani | 2012 | France | 16m

A touching story about a case of mistaken identity and communication that transcends barriers. US Premiere!

Everything Near Becomes Far
Mauricio Arango | 2011 | USA/Colombia | 10m

The peaceful daily rhythm of a farmer is violently interrupted in the heart of the breathtakingly beautiful Andean mountains. US Premiere!

Cyril Amon Schäublin | 2012 | Germany | 20m

A masterful short that articulates the moment when a city and its crowds create chaos and claustrophobia.