Post-screening discussion with cast member Luzer Twersky

In this spirited and absurdist culture-clash comedy, two men of different strict religious faiths must work together to survive in the Sinai Desert. One is the lost and befuddled Ben (Luzer Twersky, Castles in the SkyFelix and Meira), an ultra-Orthodox Jew from Brooklyn who has missed his flight to Alexandria, where he is to help the ever-dwindling Jewish community in need of a 10th man for its Passover celebration. The other is the dyspeptic Adel (Hitham Omari), a Bedouin man driving a Renault 4 trying to track down his runaway camel. After Adel’s car breaks down, the men must travel on foot, giving them a chance to get to know one another’s personal lives (and love of food) better, and giving their plans—which end up including a night in a Greek monastery—a chance to go increasingly haywire.