Q&A with directors Bas Berkhout (The Story of Jon Burgerman); Margaux Fitoussi & Mo Scarpelli (El Hara); Pearl Gluck (Summer); Leonhard Hofmann (Shlomi and Mazy); and Frank Stiefel (Heaven is a Traffic Jam on the 405

The Story of Jon Burgerman
Bas Berkhout, USA/UK, 2017, 6 min.
A whimsical artist explores how his family history affects his creative inspiration. World Premiere

El Becerro Pintado
David Pantaléon, Spain, 2017, 10 min
In this experimental short, the biblical story of the golden calf is transported to rural Spain. U.S. Premiere

El Hara
Margaux Fitoussi and Mo Scarpelli, Tunisia/France, 2017, 16 min
El Hara is a vivid, mesmerizing portrait of the old Jewish ghetto in Tunis. New York Premiere

Pearl Gluck, USA, 2017, 18 min
Young, Orthodox Jewish girls explore their burgeoning sexuality amidst the strict rules of their sleep-away camp. World Premiere

Shlomi and Mazy
Leonhard Hofmann, Germany 2016, 17 min
In this tender documentary portrait, an Israeli opera singer living in Berlin struggles to balance his career with his true passion: performing in drag as his alter ego, Mazy Mazeltov. U.S. Premiere

Heaven Is a Traffic Jam on the 405
Frank Stiefel, USA, 2016, 40 min
This warm portrait explores sculptor and visual artist Mindy Alper’s journey through extreme depression to a place of love and openness via her creative process and transformative relationship with her art teachers and therapist. New York Premiere