Video introduction from Pif on June 10

Pif returns to Open Roads with his latest timely farce, this time taking aim at the tech multinationals that have transformed our modern world for better or worse. Arturo (Fabio De Luigi) works for one such corporation, but he invents an algorithm which, unbeknownst to him, effectively makes his position within the company obsolete; having lost his job, his life quickly crumbles, and he is forced to work as a delivery person for the fictitious corporation FUUBER, shuttling take-out orders around town while his movements are monitored and evaluated by an unreasonably strict app. His lone consolation is Stella (Ilenia Pastorelli), a hologram girlfriend also connected to a FUUBER app whose free trial is running out, but the financial precarity of his new job threatens Arturo’s ability to afford a subscription.