Padrenostro screens virtually nationwide from 5/30 to 6/4.

Loosely based on a real-life assassination attempt against his father, who was a deputy police commissioner, by Nuclei Armati Proletari radicals in 1976, Claudio Noce’s latest is a coming-of-age tale cast against the backdrop of Italy’s tumultuous Years of Lead. Vividly imaginative 10-year-old Valerio (Mattia Garaci) witnesses an attempt on his father Alfonso’s (Pierfrancesco Favino) life by an apparent terrorist; though his father survives, a thick climate of fear descends upon the family as political tensions in Italy grow ever more volatile. But that summer, Valerio will meet an older (and possibly imaginary) boy, Christian (Francesco Gheghi), bringing an end to Valerio’s loneliness and adding a wrinkle to the family’s efforts to move on from the collective trauma of Alfonso’s near-death experience.