Q&A with Ryu Seung-ryong and Cho Eun-ji

A joyous blend of hilarity and compassion, actress Cho Eun-ji’s directorial debut presents love in all its possible permutations. A screwball comedy at heart, with slapstick physical battles brilliantly offset by scenes of great poignancy, the film explores the tangled web of relationships connecting its main characters, each of whom is experiencing an is-this-love? moment. A fading novelist (Ryu Seung-ryong of Extreme Job, NYAFF 2020 Winter Showcase, and of Joseon zombie Kingdom fame) is wooed by his gifted male student; the novelist’s ex-wife is wooed by his best friend; the novelist’s son is wooed by an older, married neighbor… or is it the other way around? As they each go on a journey of creative self-discovery, Perhaps Love deftly transcends the heteronormative conditioning that is de rigueur in most romantic dramedies.

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