Q&A with Kevin Jerome Everson, Pia Borg, Jorge Jácome, Benjamin Crotty, and Jesse McLean on 10/6

Division Movement to Vungtau
Benjamin Crotty and Bertrand Dezoteux, France, 2016, 4m
U.S. Premiere
In Crotty and Dezoteux’s cheeky and damning political patchwork, a quartet of dancing, computer-animated fruits infiltrate amateur footage shot by soldiers during the Vietnam War.

Wherever You Go, There We Are
Jesse McLean, USA, 2017, 12m
North American Premiere
Assisted by a buoyant electro-acoustic soundtrack, McLean maps an evocative cross-country travelogue through elegantly illustrated postcards and the strangely intoxicating language of junk emails.

Kevin Jerome Everson, USA, 2017, 9m
North American Premiere
In Everson’s hometown of Mansfield, Ohio, multiple UFO sightings yield both passionate firsthand accounts and detailed reflections; meanwhile, suburban youths raise their arms toward the heavens in becalmed surrender.

Pia Borg, Australia/U.K., 2017, 23m
North American Premiere
An unseen location scout explores an opal mining town in South Australia in Pia Borg’s sci-fi-laced essay film, which finds in this semi-deserted region both the traces of indigenous culture and remnants of cinema history.

Jorge Jácome, Portugal, 2017, 26m
U.S. Premiere
Island life, love, and labor are captured in vivid detail in this speculative fiction, in which two soldiers speak in voiceover about the over-proliferation of hydrangea flowers on their isolated Portuguese island in the Azores.