Q&A with Peter Burr, G. Anthony Svatek, and Sky Hopinka following the screening on 10/6

Pattern Language
Peter Burr, USA, 2017, 10m
Architect Christopher Alexander’s design theories are applied towards a generative video game labyrinth resulting in this rhythmic animation made of rippling, skipping, and strobing arrays of light infused with programmatic digital pixelation.

Anthony Svatek, USA/Tuvalu/New Zealand/France, 2017, 22m
World Premiere
The much sought-after, two-letter web domain suffix of the title is examined as both a form of capital and an emblem of a country on the brink of a climate-induced catastrophe in this simultaneously humorous and illuminating essay film centered on the environmentally contentious Pacific Islands of Tuvalu.

Belit Sağ, Netherlands, 2016, 5m
World Premiere
In the span of a short walk, images and information flow ceaselessly into view as our increasingly digitized lives absorb disparate movie and media moments, from the warmly humorous to the coldly clinical.

Dislocation Blues
Sky Hopinka, USA, 2017, 17m
The Standing Rock protests are the starting point for Ho-Chunk artist Sky Hopinka’s inquiry into identity, community, and mass media. Against twilit images of the Dakota landscape, the film frames present-day traumas through distinct first-person perspectives and reflects on the threatened environment and the complex social realities of the resistance camps.

Rubber Coated Steel
Lawrence Abu Hamdan, (no country), 2016, 21m
North American Premiere
Abu Hamdan, an artist and Forensic Architecture researcher, made an audio analysis to ascertain whether Israeli soldiers used rubber or live bullets in the murder of two Palestinian teens. Through the frame of a speculative court proceeding, the video acts as a tribunal for the case, which includes audio testimony and onscreen forensic animations.