Forever in Hiatus | Andy Nguyen | 2012 | HDCAM | 24m
A washed up former pop star lives in exile pedaling a xich lo (bicycle taxi) aimlessly in the streets of Ho Chi Minh City until he meets a 16 year-old girl who discovers who he is.

The Louder the Better | Michael Toscano | 2012 | HDCAM | 14m
The host of a conservative radio talk show is surprised to discover the influence his voice has had on one listener, and it's violent implications.

Keys. Wallet. Phone. | Juliet Lashinsky-Revene | 2012 | HDCAM | 10m
A woman seeks peace over breakfast in a cafe. But peace is not to be found this morning…

Illusive Fields | Katharine O’Brien | 2012 | HDCAM | 18m
An aging playboy throws a party to celebrate the first weekend in his new Hamptons home, but his guests begin suffering a series of bizarre accidents.

Hunters | Nathan Floody | 2012 | HDCAM | 11m
Young executive recruiters must contend with a crazy boss and even crazier potential candidates.

Shale | Jed Cowley | 2012 | HDCAM | 12m
John, a shale pit owner, and his once dutiful wife, Sheila, have a grave confrontation after months of separation.