A World for Raúl/Un mundo para Raúl | Mauro Mueller | 2012 | HDCAM | 15m
When thirteen-year-old Raúl is asked to entertain the local landowner's son, a game of power and pride starts between the two boys.

Temma | Anya Meksin | 2012 | HDCAM | 18m
Neuro-programmer Temma Baumgarten tries to complete a computation model of her own mind while her body succumbs to a degenerative disease.

Living the Dream | Gerry Kim | 2012 | HDCAM | 16m
A young gangster has aspirations of quickly moving up the ranks of a modestly sized Jersey crime syndicate, but soon discovers that cutting corners will lead to troubling consequences.

Lea | Konstantinos Antonopoulos | 2012 | HDCAM | 12m
His girl returns. His heart feels heavy. A domestic thriller about love.

The Dark | Justin P. Lange | 2012 | HDCAM | 16m
A lonely young monster with deadly black eyes encounters a kidnapped and abused young boy whose eyes have been sewn shut.

Asternauts | Marta Masferrer | 2012 | HDCAM | 16m
Life is pretty dull for small-town farmer Earl McKnutt and his childlike brother Joel: Wake up, feed the cows, and sit on the porch until its time to turn in. That is until one night a mysterious object from outer space crash-lands in their pasture killing their best bull and milking cow…