Due to the time required to switch projectors from 70MM (Cleopatra) back to 35MM (A Place in the Sun), A Place in the Sun will begin at approximately 5:30, and Raintree Country, originally scheduled for 7:30, will begin closer to 7:45.
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Taylor earned the first of her five Best Actress Oscar nominations as the wealthy but mentally unstable New Orleans belle who captures the heart of Montgomery Clift’s abolitionist northerner in director Edward Dmytryk’s underrated Civil War epic—a self-conscious attempt by MGM to duplicate the box-office magic of Gone with the Wind. It was during production on this film that Clift, upon leaving a party at Taylor’s Beverly Hills home, crashed his car into a telephone pole, disfiguring one of Hollywood’s most celebrated beautiful faces. After a long recovery, he returned to finish the film, perhaps finding a newfound kinship with his agonized character, who traverses the battlefields of America’s bloodiest war searching for meaning.