U.S. Premiere!

Director Diana Groó in person for Q&A!

From a single surviving photo, director Diana Groó brings to life the story of the first woman rabbi in the world. Regina Jonas (1902 – 1944) grew up the daughter of a peddler and made history in by becoming ordained as a rabbi in Berlin in 1935. Archival footage artfully arranged and scored takes us through the story, showing us the rich, pulsating street life of Berlin and compelling scenes from synagogues, schools, and Jewish cultural life. Rachel Weisz (star of Betrayal on Broadway) gives voice to the inspirational Regina.

Screening with:

Binding | Katarzyna Plazinska & Aaron Ellis | Poland/U.S. | 2013 | 10m
The biblical tale of Isaac and his father is revisited Guy Maddin-style in this creative short. U.S. Premiere!