Restored 35mm print!

Hands down the greatest live-comedy performance ever to hit the big screen, this is the definitive record of a legendary American comedy phenomenon at the height of his powers. An incandescent, fearless and subversive comedy genius with undeniable street credibility, Richard Pryor was poised at the brink of movie stardom when he went before the cameras at the Terrace Theatre in Long Beach during his 1978 tour to deliver a biting tour-de-force in which his stream-of-consciousness observations on the absurdities and hypocrisies of racial behavior and black life are projected with a sense of timing, rhythm, mimicry and outrage that has to be seen to be believed. No less than Pauline Kael described Pryor as “a master of lyrical obscenity… who brought the language and grievances of the black underclass onto the stage.” Beware: You may laugh so hard you'll go into convulsions and require medical assistance. Warning: the management of this theater is not responsible for any injury or harm that may be caused by viewing this film. Richard Pryor: Live in Concert © 1979 Gary Biller, print courtesy of Gary Biller.