Tom Cruise’s breakout role was in this epochal hit, which Hoberman calls a “paean to yuppie self-actualization . . . Risky Business was positioned as a raunchy youth comedy but, with its surplus of style—including a score by the avant-pop, techno-rock ensemble Tangerine Dream—was something odder, a parodic Spielberg idyll that was also a premonition of High Eighties movies like Blue Velvet and Something Wild.” Cruise’s appropriately named high school student Joel Goodson has his parents’ house all to himself while waiting to hear back from Princeton about whether he’ll be enrolling there as a freshman in the fall. In a bid to lose his virginity, he hires a prostitute named Jackie (Rebecca De Mornay), and soon finds himself running something resembling an underground brothel out of his suburban abode.

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