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$17 General Public
$13 Students & Seniors
$12 Film Society Members

Tarr made his international breakthrough with this astonishing Krasznahorkai adaptation about the arrival of a false prophet in a small farming collective during the waning days of Communism. Divided into 12 distinct episodes that weave us in and out of the lives of the locals as the silver-tongued Irimiás (played by Tarr’s longtime musical composer Mihály Vig) promises a bright future in a new promised land. The result is a bleak yet mordantly funny study of domestic and social decay that has deservedly been hailed as one of the landmarks of contemporary world cinema. Screened with one 15-minute intermission and one 60-minute dinner break.

“Devastating, enthralling for every minute of its seven hours. I’d be glad to see it every year for the rest of my life.”
—Susan Sontag

“A movie in which emptiness becomes amazingly rich, textured and visceral, Sátántangó is a multiple tour de force—for the actors, as the camera circles them in the lengthy continuous takes that Tarr adopts from Miklós Jancsó, and for Tarr, who constructs his narrative out of these morose blocks of real time.”
—J. Hoberman, The Village Voice