Shadows is available in the FLC Virtual Cinema beginning August 17. Get tickets here.

Stephy Tang, NYAFF 2018 Rising Star Asia awardee, shines in this dark psychological thriller about the power of the past to warp the present. Tang plays Ching, a forensic psychiatrist who has the mystical ability to meld into the subconscious minds of her patients. When a social worker is apparently compelled by an inner voice to kill his family and attempt suicide, Ching collaborates with a cop (an intense Philip Keung) to investigate, and begins to suspect the man’s own psychiatrist. Yet when she attempts to extract a confession, the tables are turned. “Everyone has a dark side,” Dr. Yan tells her. “You just have to embrace it.” But doing so could lead to revelations about Ching’s own insurmountable trauma, and plant dangerous seeds of doubt about just what is lurking in the shadows. Glenn Chan’s accomplished feature debut is a beautifully shot, elegantly designed exploration of good and evil, with haunting sound design that lingers long after the credits roll.