Khalid Al Mahmood | 2010 | UAE | HDCAM | 20m

Two brothers sell homegrown produce on the roadside to support their sick grandmother.

Land of Heroes/Ard Al Abtal
Sahim Omar Kalifa | 2011 | Iraq | HDCAM | 9m

In the midst of the Iran/Iraq war, two young siblings find their worst enemy to be their mother’s friend’s son.

The Salt Fisherman/Sayyad Elmilh
Ziad Bakri | 2011 | Palestine | Digibeta | 19m

A fisherman refuses to give up hope that someday he will catch a fish in the sea.

The Road to Paradise/Sur la route du paradis
Uda Benyamina | 2011 | France | Beta SP | 43m

While Leila’s husband is a refugee in England, she and her two daughters settle in France trying to build a better life in a community of other illegal immigrants.