Q&As with Angelita Mendoza, Gabriel de Urioste, Karen Eilbacher, Nabil Vinas, and Tim Wu following the screenings on 9/30 and 10/2

This is the third annual edition of a program focusing on the best in new horror, thriller, sci-fi, pitch-black comedy, twisted noir, and fantasy shorts from around the world. Programmed by Laura Kern

Natalie Erika James, Australia, 2016, 10m
As a woman helps her dad pack up his home, it becomes apparent that it may be inhabited by more than just memories. New York Premiere

The Last Light
Angelita Mendoza, USA/Mexico, 2017, 11m
Spanish with English subtitles
The innocence and the developing evils of youth collide when two children’s paths cross in an abandoned house. New York Premiere

Alberto Viavattene, Italy, 2017, 15m
A corrupt young nurse messes with the wrong patient on the day she turns 100. U.S. Premiere

Gabriel de Urioste, USA, 2017, 8m
In the Digital Age, finding real love is more challenging—and glitchier—than ever. World Premiere

Juan Pablo Arias Muñoz, Chile, 2017, 21m
Spanish with English subtitles
While on a hunting trip with his father, a teenage boy must contend with multiple monsters. North American Premiere

Drip Drop
Jonna Nilsson, Sweden, 2016, 7m
Alone one night, a woman is terrorized by water that manifests itself in unusual ways. New York Premiere

Damien Power, Australia, 2015, 20m
Right before brilliantly deconstructing camping films in Killing Ground, its director made this noirish homage to road movies. World Premiere