A Quiet Monday
Dika Ofoma, 2023, Nigeria, 22m
Igbo and English
U.S. Premiere

When the leader of a secessionist group in southeastern Nigeria is jailed, his loyalists mandate a compulsory “sit-at-home” on Mondays in protest. Siblings Kamnonu and Ogbonna face danger when they defy the Monday restrictions.  

I Promise You Paradise
Morad Mostafa, 2023, Egypt, 25m
Arabic with English subtitles
New York Premiere

Following a violent incident, Eissa, a 17-year-old African migrant in Egypt is in a quest against time to save his loved ones—no matter what it takes.

Bege (Yearning)
Umar Turaki, 2023, Nigeria, 14m
Hausa with English subtitles
North American Premiere 

When Sanda shows up at her front door years after their breakup, Amina plays the perfect host. As the conversation unfolds, they acknowledge the things that time has made plain. But do they have the courage to confront the elephant in the room? Bege (Yearning) shines a light on the oft-unspoken emotional toll that comes about when love falls out of bounds for medical reasons, and examines what happens when the body betrays the heart.

Cape Town Royalty Program
Max Fouchee, 2023, South Africa, 7m
New York Premiere

An ad presenter has to sell the dream of the South African city Cape Town as a luxurious yet cost-effective new home to wealthy Europeans. Once she realizes her script is problematic, she tries her best to let the prospective audience know about the daily reality of Cape Town’s citizens.

Dolapo Marinho, 2023, Nigeria, 24m
Pidgin and Yoruba with English subtitles
North American Premiere

A homeless woman relies on the kindness of a stranger to survive. When her lifeline disappears, she is forced to ensure her own survival in a perilous city with devastating consequences.

Where My Memory Began
Priscillia Kounkou Hoveyda, 2023, Sierra Leone, 9m
Krio with English subtitles
New York Premiere

Where My Memory Began follows elder Ballu as she tries to remember a 400-year-old cotton tree.

Co-presented with The Africa Center