In November 1995, 12-year-old Natalia Garayalde used a camcorder to capture a major explosion at a nearby military factory in her hometown of Río Tercero. The accident, which destroyed part of the city, left seven people dead, injured over 300, and became a major political scandal as it exposed a cover-up: Argentina’s sale of missiles to Croatia and Ecuador. Decades later, director Garayalde revisits that archival footage to tell a poignant story of memory, family, and history. Her potent debut feature has won numerous awards, including the Grand Prize for Best Film at the Jeonju Film Festival and the Cinema Tropical Award for Best Documentary.

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Light Trap / Trampa de luz
Pablo Marin, 2021, Argentina, 9m
North American Premiere
A fragment of the world offered to the light, the very essence of a life, shot on Super-8mm film. ‘‘Fire insubstantial, sacred and enclosed, earthly fragment to the light exposed.” (Paul Valéry, The Graveyard by the Sea). Winner of the Principal Online Prize at the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen.