A delicate topic often unexplored on screen is treated with humor, irreverence, and complexity in Moroccan-born, French Jewish comedian and filmmaker Gad Elmaleh’s comedy Stay With Us. Taking the form of autobiographical comic portraiture, Elmaleh stars as a version of himself, returning home to Paris to see his parents (Elmaleh’s real mother and father) after living for years in the United States. His journey back home comes with some shocking news: He has decided to convert to Catholicism and is asking for his parents’ blessing for his forthcoming baptism. Both a tale of spiritual self-discovery and an entertaining depiction of ideological culture clash that ensues as Gad’s dumbstruck parents try to reckon with this turn of events, Stay With Us is a delightful film about challenging matters, and a reminder that sometimes our paths aren’t always easily laid out for us or our loved ones.