Director Alain Guiraudie in person for Q&A on January 25!

Guiraudie’s breakthrough film found many of the director’s signature habits in full bloom: his matter-of-fact treatment of gay sexuality, his patient, exacting eye for environmental detail, his fascination with cross-generational love, his commitment to documenting the economic realities of fading, struggling communities, his languid-yet-whittled-down pacing, and his interest in toeing the boundary lines between fantasy and reality. A young repairman arrives at a near-obsolete factory to fix a mysterious piece of machinery; as he devotes himself to the task, his burnt-out, aimless new coworkers find themselves nervously drawn to him. That Old Dream That Moves might be Guiraudie’s most melancholic film: a subtle look at a group of people caught between their own conflicting desires and lost helplessly in time.

Screening with:

Heroes Never Die / Les héros sont immortels
France | 1990 | 13m


Straight Ahead Until Morning / Tout droit jusqu’au matin
France | 1994 | 11m