With the Diabolique-tinged The Devil’s Stairway, featuring a striking setting and superbly executed black-and-white photography, Lee Man-hee (A Day Off) added to the list of Korea’s most accomplished psychological thrillers. The film takes place in a gothic-looking two-story hospital and focuses on an ambitious doctor who stands on the verge of becoming chief surgeon by marrying the hospital owner’s daughter. However, a clandestine affair the doctor is having with one of the nurses puts his plans in jeopardy. When the doctor’s lover becomes jealous and events start spinning out of control, he takes drastic measures to cover up the affair. Actor Kim Jin-gyu as the doctor and Moon Jeong-sook (one of Lee Man-hee’s favorite actresses) as the nurse both excel in their roles, completely convincing in their depictions of betrayal, revenge, and guilt-induced paranoia. Restored in 2015 by the Korean Film Archive.

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