Q&A with Marine de Contes 

In this strikingly photographed work of observational nonfiction, director Marine de Contes studies the strange sport of wood pigeon hunting. Deep in France’s Landes forest, a group of gamesmen jerry-rig a complex system of pulleys, tunnels, platforms, and cages; as they patiently await their prey, conversations highlight the cultural and familial traditions still honored by the practice, even as the distant sound of falling trees signals its imminent demise. With close observation, de Contes captures a dying ritual with care and curiosity.

Preceded by:
So Dear, So Lovely
Diana Allan, Canada/Lebanon, 2019, 23m
Arabic with English subtitles
In this two-part tour through the streets of Lebanon, a colorful Palestinian cab driver offers offhand insight into the region’s fraught political and social climate through boisterous serenades and excitable outbursts.