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Born out of a nuclear explosion, Yonggary, another misunderstood monster destroying everything in its path, appears on Inwangsan mountain and drives everyone in Seoul into a panic! The authorities are helpless. Can anyone stop Yonggary?! Inspired by kaiju (giant monster) movies, director Kim Kee-duk (The Barefooted Young) set out to make the first Korean monster movie, and enlisted the aid of technical experts from Japan—making this the first collaboration of its kind between South Korea and Japan. The film was released in the United States in 1969 by American International Pictures under the title Yongary, Monster from the Deep; later it received the Mystery Science Theater 3K treatment, where it was described as a “monster film that’s long on rampages and short on sensible behavior.” What better way to experience this landmark in Korean kaiju cinema than by seeing Yonggary’s lack of sensible behavior on the big screen—and on the only surviving 35mm print. 35mm print courtesy of the Korean Film Archive.