Video introduction by Roberto Santos’s son, Claudio Pinhanez

An adaptation of João Guimarães Rosa’s Sagarana—a haunting short story collection about people of the sertão in the southeastern Brazil state of Minas Gerais—Roberto Santos’s Cinema Novo western follows the mythical “hero’s journey” of Augusto Matraga (Leonardo Villar), a violent farmer who is betrayed by his wife and left for dead. After he is rescued by a pair of farmers, Matraga devotes his life to contrition until the opportunity for revenge arrives. Featuring a superb score by Geraldo Vandré, The Hour and Turn of Augusto Matraga is a lyrical revenge film that foregrounds faith and spiritualism. 

“What a wonderful film. I remember the day Juliano brought the theme song by Geraldo Vandré and we listened to it at the editing: ‘Réquiem Para Matraga.’ It fit right in, as music, editing, and feeling carried over from this classic film.” —Kleber Mendonça Filho

“Matraga rediscovers his violent past and abuse when he needs justice. Just like Acácio (Pacote), who needs to defend his village with the same violence. Geraldo Vandré’s beautiful music was composed for Matraga, a requiem we borrowed to accompany Acácio’s return to the violent universe that he so wanted to leave behind.” —Juliano Dornelles