Director Davide Manulli in person!

Original, innovative and often witty, David Manuli’s second film riffs on the famous European legend about Kaspar Hauser, the mysterious “wild boy” who simply appeared on the streets of Nuremberg in 1828. Shot in luscious black-and-white, the film follows this updated Kaspar after he washes up on the beach of an nearly deserted Mediterranean island, clad in a track suit and sporting an iPod. Found by The Sheriff  (the one and only Vincent Gallo), who thinks the stranger might be some kind of Messiah, Kaspar is initially welcomed into this tiny community. But The Duchess, absolute ruler of the island, feels threatened by this new arrival, and thus sends The Pusher (also the one and only Vincent Gallo) to take care of Kaspar before he becomes a problem. Drawing inspiration and imagery from westerns, surrealism and sci-fi, The Legend of Kaspar Hauser also features an extraordinary, pulsing soundtrack by electronic music composer and sound artist Vitalic. 

This screening will be preceded by an Olympic clip from the Instituto Luce Archive:
Roma, Motoscooter Per Le Olimpliadi – 05/1960
Rome: Scooters for Olympics
(Caleidoscopio Ciac 1214)