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Labarthe was very much in the orbit of the French New Wave—he appears as an actor in Godard’s My Life to Live—and his collaborator, Janine Bazin, was the widow of film theorist and Cahiers du cinéma co-founder André Bazin. Yet by 1964, five years after the explosion of the movement onto French and international screens, doubts about the true impact of the New Wave had emerged. Labarthe and Bazin assembled an intriguing round-table made up of Cinématheque Française director Henri Langlois, and filmmakers Alexandre Astruc, Pierre Kast and Agnès Varda to discuss the past, present and future of the movement. (38m)

Screening with:
Wild Man Pasolini/Pasolini l'enragé
Jean-André Fieschi | 1966-1991 | France | 65m

Pasolini had just finished Hawks and Sparrows when critic and filmmaker Fieschi caught up with him in Rome. This is Pasolini at his most polemical, offering his wide-ranging and often controversial opinions on a wide variety of subjects. Twenty-five years later, in 1991, Fieschi returned to the film, reworking it somewhat to reflect some of the changes both in his films and in Pasolini’s own thoughts about cinema in the years since the footage was shot.