Family Film!
Presented in collaboration with the New York International Children’s Film Festival

In Person: Jean-François Laguionie & Annick Le Ray!

A touching, wonderfully inventive animated fable, The Painting is largely set within the borders of a canvas temporarily residing in the lush garden of an old chateau. In that canvas’s world uncomfortably co-exist three types of creatures: the fully drawn and colored Alldunns; the partially completed Halfies; and the Sketchies, which exist as only rough designs. The Alldunns lord it over the others, until one of their number, Ramo, starts to wonder if this is indeed the way things are meant to be—or if someday the others will be completed. Together with his beloved Claire (a Halfie, and thus off-limits for him), Ramo sets off to see if he can somehow contact that mysterious Painter who started all the trouble in the first place. Full of visual wit and sly humor, The Painting is a sheer delight for young people of all ages.