Q&A with The Prince and the Dybbuk directors Elwira Niewira & Piotr Rosolowski and A Hunger Artist director Daria Martin on 1/11

He is remembered as a Polish aristocrat, Hollywood producer, a reprobate and liar, an open homosexual and husband to an Italian countess, and director of The Dybbuk, one of the most important Jewish films of all time. But who, really, was Michał Waszyński? Piotr Rosolowski and Elwira Niewiera portray Waszyński, né Moshe Waks, as a fabulist, a man of constantly shifting identity, blurring the lines between reality and illusion. A perpetually restless filmmaker, Waszyński became obsessed with his adaptation of The Dybbuk and its mythical imagery of the shtetl. A modern take on the archetype of the Wandering Jew, The Prince and the Dybbuk asks whether it is ever possible to cut oneself off from one’s roots, and at what cost.
Presented in conjunction with The Dybbuk (1937)

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A Hunger Artist
Daria Martin, U.K., 2017, 16 min.
Based on the 1924 short story by Franz Kafka, A Hunger Artist is the darkly comic tale of an entertainer acclaimed for his ability to fast. A lush adaptation, A Hunger Artist understands the delicate tone of Kafka’s work: fiercely anti-authoritarian, constantly self-effacing, and toeing the line between hilarious and heartbreaking. U.S. Premiere