The Unsaved / La limita de jos a cerului
Igor Cobileanski, Romania/Republic of Moldova, 2013, DCP, 80m
Romanian with English subtitles
Nineteen-year-old Viorel lives with his mother in a remote Moldovan town. Aside from earning a little cash through illegal activities and building a hang glider with his pal Goos, he has no great ambitions. But, eventually, Viorel begins taking control of his life in Igor Cobileanski’s authentic, socially conscious feature debut, which captures the dead ends of a youth generation growing up in a place lacking prospects for a better existence. Working from a script first drafted by Corneliu Porumboiu (hence the film’s recognizable mood and humor), Cobileanski joined forces with a more famous Moldovan to shape the look of his bleak story: the brilliant director of photography Oleg Mutu, who has worked with Cristian Mungiu and Sergei Loznitsa.

Screening with:

Pavel Cuzuioc, Republic of Moldova/Austria/Romania, 2015, DCP, 15m
Moldova. One winter day, Raisa travels into the city hoping to get something that could change her life. That something is free of charge, but she must wait her turn. Raisa is a meticulous and highly insightful portrait of a far-reaching moment in the life of a sufferer, illuminated by a wonderful performance by Cristina Flutur (Beyond the Hills).