Post-screening discussion with director Michal Vinik at both screenings on Jan. 17

In her acclaimed second feature, Israeli filmmaker Michal Vinik explores with sensitivity and complexity the debated ritual of arranged marriages in our contemporary world. The film focuses on a pair of Ukrainian sisters: Valeria (Dasha Tvoronovich) is just arriving to Israel, where she will first meet her husband-to-be, Eiytan (Avraham Shalom Levi); and her sister Christina (Lena Fraifeld), who is married to Michael (Yaakov Zada Daniel), a marriage broker who has arranged Valeria’s union. As Vinik digs deeper into their lives, cracks begin to appear in Christina’s seemingly happy surface, which begin to affect Valeria. Nominated for nine Israeli Academy Awards, and winner of the Best Screenplay prize for Vinik, Valeria Is Getting Married is a potent and probing film featuring standout performances.