Deep within Hong Kong lies a secret government department dedicated to vampire busting. The headquarters of the Vampire Cleanup Department (VCD) are situated directly beneath an ordinary garbage collection station, and its officers are street cleaners by day. After being attacked, and then rescued by VCD, a nerdy teen (Babyjohn Choi) learns that he’s immune to vampire toxins. Recruited by VCD, he falls in love with a beautiful vampire (Penang-born Lin Min-chen) on his very first mission. Instead of stabbing her through the heart—which after all now belongs to him—he secretly trains her to be human again. This tongue-in-cheek debut feature by directors Chiu Sin-hang and Yan Pak-wing (screenwriter of Full Strike, NYAFF 2015) is a throwback to old-school comedies, featuring a heady mix of newcomers and veterans including Richard Ng, Yuen Cheung-yan, and Chin Siu-ho, the original Mr. Vampire.