Out-of-work actress and mother of two Sofia (Ingrid Isensee), seeking to purify herself, separates from her husband and swears off cell phones and e-mail for a year. Little does she realize the repercussions her “disconnection vow” will have on everyone in her orbit—most critically her father, Manuel (Cristián Campos), who walks out his marriage after 35 years. While attempting to reinvent herself as a TV commercial voiceover artist, Sofia tries to keep the threads of her life from unraveling and understand the truth about the man who raised her. Set in director Cristián Jiménez’s hometown of Valdivia, Voice Over presents a seriocomic four-generation portrait of a family and the dubious assumptions on which it’s founded. Featuring the legendary Paulina García (star of last year’s acclaimed Gloria) as Sofia’s mother. Co-presented with the Miami International Film Festival. A TODO CINE LATINO release.