What begins as a seemingly cozy British comedy in the patented Ealing Studios tradition turns on a dime into something altogether more sinister in this remarkable piece of wartime propaganda about a team of German parachutists who disguise themselves as British soldiers and infiltrate a quiet village in advance of a full-scale Nazi invasion. Gradually, the villagers come to detect the foreign elements in their midst and attempt to alert the outside world…before taking matters into their own hands. This unsung subversive masterpiece by Brazilian-born Alberto Cavalcanti (adapted from a Graham Greene story) was made when the Axis was seemingly invincible and invasion still a very real possibility, but even 70 years later it still packs an incredible punch. The cast is a succession of British film luminaries: Leslie Banks, Elizabeth Allan, Basil Sydney, Mervyn Johns, David Farrar, Frank Lawton, Valerie Taylor, Thora Hird, and many more.